Crystal Cluster Lacquered Box DIY

Fabulous K  •  DIY Crystal Cluster Lacquered Box

Hello, Weekend!  It's downright cold in Dallas, thanks to a front that blew through last night.  I'm loving it's supposed to be cold this time of year, right?  This weekend I’m helping a friend celebrate his birthday, and might catch a movie. Work is always on the agenda as of late, so I'll be doing some of that too.

I thought it would be fun to sign off for the week with a recent DIY I did. Once again, it’s ridiculous easy, which seems to be the only type of DIY I do. I’ve been seeing crystal cluster boxes everywhere lately, but they’re usually quite expensive, so I decided to make my own version for (wait for it...) $30.  I ordered this crystal cluster and picked up this lacquered box, and then glued the crystal to the box lid. The end result looks chic and expensive (and really pretty in person!) I’m thinking about doing a pyrite or amethyst version on a round box. Wouldn’t they make a great gift?

Have a great weekend, dears.  See you back here next week!


Posted on November 22, 2013 and filed under decorate.